3 Ways To Get Funding Approval for IMS Boston

We know how tough it can be to secure funding for conference passes and travel. As six-year veterans in the space, we try our hardest to make IMS an affordable experience for everyone.

However, even at our prices you still have to convince the person In charge of the purse strings. So how do you convince your boss to let you spend time (and money) on this year’s Inbound Marketing Summit Boston?

1. Write a letter breaking down the costs and benefits of the IMS experience

  1. Draw up the cost of attendance including airfare, hotel 2 nights and conference.
  2. In return, explain what you will get in return for the event. Talk up the presentations, case studies and expert panel sessions that will show you how to enhance your marketing strategies, raise revenue, and increase customer satisfaction.
  3. Use the attached letter as a template to get you started.

2. More value for your buck: Come for IMS and Stay for FutureM.

When you register for IMS, you are eligible for 30% off of FutureM, a weeklong series of cutting-edge marketing events and seminars during the week of October 23-26. FutureM brings a one-of-a-kind experience to national marketing and media trendsetters by debating the cutting-edge development and future of Marketing.

3. Find other bosses or budgets

If your boss or department does not have the sufficient funds, you may be able to seek other leaders and budget holders in your organization. Look for groups in your organization who benefit from your knowledge, and prepare a solid business justification for their boss. Discuss how knowledge and connections gained from this event will benefit them. Soon you will a conversation going between several bosses who are willing to contribute to the expense.

Assuming success, follow-up after the conference with the same list of target bosses, regardless of their contribution. Make sure you have memorable and timely information sharing sessions after the conference. Remember, you want to attend the conference again next year.

Budgets are tight all over, but not all budgets are created equal. While your department may not have any discretionary coin for web analytics, there may be a different fund somewhere that can cover a few days of a conference. Talk to your colleagues about possible resources available under different names:

    • Travel
    • Training
    • Conferences
    • New Projects
    • Projects
    • Software
    • Leadership

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