The Spotlight on IMS Video Series

Allen Bonde of The Pulse Network

Top Reasons to Attend IMS NYC 2013

Allen Bonde of The Pulse Network gives his top five reasons why IMS is simply the premiere event for enterprise CMOs, business leaders, agency executives and their teams to learn and leverage digital, mobile and social media marketing, and why the next IMS in New York is a can’t-miss event.

Trip Kucera of The Aberdeen Group

Top Five on Content Marketing

Trip Kucera of the Aberdeen Group will be sharing his content marketing expertise as an IMS speaker. His unique insight into consumer engagement trends and diverse content practices will help influence marketers to ensure that the multitude of rich content available online reaches their targeted audience. In this video, Trip gives his Top Five for Content Marketing.

Mike Proulx of Hill Holliday

Top Five on Social TV

The old-school mindset of TV as a one-way, traditional media is no more. Nobody is aware of the shift in TV as acutely as Mike Proulx, co-author of the book Social TV. As Mike Proulx explains in this video, the shift in mindset can be summed up by a handy acronym: WATCH.

Jennifer Wong of HasOffers

Five Things To Stop Doing in Inbound Marketing

Plenty of people have advice for all of the great things you should be doing when it comes to Inbound Marketing. But are there elements of your inbound marketing program that are simply a waste of your time? Jennifer Wong of HasOffers has five things you should stop doing today.

Patrick Cahill of Beep! Directed Voicemail

Keys For A Successful Calling Campaign

Patrick Cahill of Beep! Directed Voicemail discusses his 5 keys to successful calling campaigns in this Spotlight on IMS. Patrick emphasizes the importance of teaming targeted messaging across all platforms with your calling campaign in order to effectively reach your potential customers.

Jim Howard of CrownPeak

Content Marketing and the Zero Moment of Truth

The Zero Moment of Truth, a concept created by Google in 2010, talks all about the change in the way buyers buy. In this Spotlight on the Inbound Marketing Summit, Jim Howard of Crownpeak outlines the core concepts of the Zero Moment of Truth, and everything you need to know to win the Zero Moment of Truth.

Michael de Monte of ScribbleLive

Content Generation and Engagement

When looking to attract customers to your website, engaging content is the best kind of bait. Rich content that engages the viewer and allows them to interact prove to be effective marketing tools. Michael De Monte of ScribbleLive describes how rich content can add value to your website, and keep the viewer engaged.

Dave Dabbah of Hawq

Three Myths of Website Errors

In today’s world, everyone and everything has a website, and the chances of errors occurring increase everyday. Dave Dabbah of Hawq shares three myths about website errors and how you can prevent and fix them.

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